CFR 211.186

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Sec. 211.186 Master production and control records
(a) To assure uniformity from batch to batch, master production and control records for each drug product, including each batch size thereof, shall be prepared, dated, and signed (full signature, handwritten) by one person and independently checked, dated, and signed by a second person. The preparation of master production and control records shall be described in a written procedure and such written procedure shall be followed.
(b) Master production and control records shall include:
(1) The name and strength of the product and a description of the dosage form;
(2) The name and weight or measure of each active ingredient per dosage unit or per unit of weight or measure of the drug product, and a statement of the total weight or measure of any dosage unit;
(3) A complete list of components designated by names or codes sufficiently specific to indicate any special quality characteristic;
(4) An accurate statement of the weight or measure of each component, using the same weight system (metric, avoirdupois, or apothecary) for each component. Reasonable variations may be permitted, however, in the amount of components necessary for the preparation in the dosage form, provided they are justified in the master production and control records;
(5) A statement concerning any calculated excess of component;
(6) A statement of theoretical weight or measure at appropriate phases of processing;
(7) A statement of theoretical yield, including the maximum and minimum percentages of theoretical yield beyond which investigation according to Sec. 211.192 is required;
(8) A description of the drug product containers, closures, and packaging materials, including a specimen or copy of each label and all other labeling signed and dated by the person or persons responsible for approval of such labeling;
(9) Complete manufacturing and control instructions, sampling and testing procedures, specifications, special notations, and precautions to be followed.

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