CFR 211.184

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Sec. 211.184 Component, drug product container, closure, and labeling records
These records shall include the following:
(a) The identity and quantity of each shipment of each lot of components, drug product containers, closures, and labeling; the name of the supplier; the supplier’s lot number(s) if known; the receiving code as specified in Sec. 211.80; and the date of receipt. The name and location of the prime manufacturer, if different from the supplier, shall be listed if known.
(b) The results of any test or examination performed (including those performed as required by Sec. 211.82(a), Sec. 211.84(d), or Sec. 211.122(a)) and the conclusions derived therefrom.
(c) An individual inventory record of each component, drug product container, and closure and, for each component, a reconciliation of the use of each lot of such component. The inventory record shall contain sufficient information to allow determination of any batch or lot of drug product associated with the use of each component, drug product container, and closure.
(d) Documentation of the examination and review of labels and labeling for conformity with established specifications in accord with Secs. 211.122(c) and 211.130(c).
(e) The disposition of rejected components, drug product containers, closure, and labeling.

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